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...Can anyone tell me how to unblock websense at my workplace???? Answered

....Is there any program or something that I can use to unblock this annoying thing??? Websense blocks almost everything fun on the internet!!! Please help me out.


You do realize that if they are monitoring your traffic and the "fun" stuff, chances are they are also monitoring requests like these and see you posting these type of questions, right? Questions like this could already have you under scrutiny. Keep the fun stuff at home where you can let the malware and viruses run rampant, not in your workplace.

If they catch you, it's just cause for termination. In this economic climate, I would ask you this simple question. Can you afford to be out of work for an extended period of time?

The usual answer here is "use a proxy". There are TONS of them out there. However, many of the content-filtering service providers quickly add these to their block lists, as well. These sites will tend to get flagged in the block logs as "circumvention" attempts - not a good thing to have too many of those associated with your workstation. All that said, if you insist on playing this dangerous game, your *best* bet for not having to chase working proxies is to use Google as your proxy. VERY few services/site block Google. Google offers a nifty language translation service. If you set the "from" filter to the same language as your "to" filter, you can use translate.google.com as a proxy.

It's there for a reason. When you joined the company they probably gave you a wad of paper, somewhere in there could be a Terms & Conditions of use for the company's computers (you may have even signed it?). Attempting to bypass Websense will probably breech the T&C;, leaving you open to disciplinary action or even dismissal (sometimes it's an easy way for a company to reduce head-count in lean-times, it happens) L

This is a bad thing to play You Bet Your Job over. Surf the "fun stuff" on your own time and your own dime.