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Can anyone tell me if I have created Ferrocyanide by this image? Answered

Hello 'iblers, Over the past 6 weeks I have made what I think is Ferrocyanide, but I need some confirmation, OR if anyone can tell me some tests I can do on the evaporation to confirm it is ferrocyanide.

I have made this, so I can make Prussian Blue, so I can then make the old school 'crystal forest' trick.

Any tips on handling the crystals will be of great use as well, also what type of care should be taken.

Ferrocyanide from what I have read is not dangerous like its salt namesake 'cyanide', any more info here will help me as well. 

I have the MSDS for it, and studied some, but some personal experience would be better info.


How I am creating the ferrocyanide:

- 5g Iron Oxide ( Rust )
- 10g Carbon ( Charcoal )
- 10g Sodium Carbonate ( Lectric Soda Crystals, Washing Soda etc )

- Mix the fine powders together thoroughly in a container
- Place mix into a red hot crucible and it will fuse slightly
- Stir mixture when purple flames are visible until the flames cease
- Cool to room temp
- Break mass into a large amount of hot water and stir vigorously
- Filter off unreacted carbon and iron not absorbed
- Evaporate, resulting in Ferrocyanide


Ferrocyanide doesn't release its cyanide freely, so it's fairly safe...if it is ferrocyanide. If it's impure, it could contain a lot of free cyanide so always handle it with a fume hood, or with a respirator and appropriate PPE.

Thanks for the tips, every bit helps.
I know that if I were to add more Sodium Carbonate and heat the mix again ( I updated details above ), it would then create pure cyanide. So I will most definitely take care in handling and measurements especially.


5 years ago

Looks more like a water separation.

If you had a ferrocyanide crystal, the deep red color would be a
living ( dead ) giveaway that is unmistakable


Thanks, I know what I have done wrong, I was wondering if it had actually made it yet though.
I will re-attempt it, but this time put my mixture ( I updated the details above ) into a proper crucible as what I used only heated the powders, and created small lumps here and there.