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Can anyone tell me what I can do with my old printer? Answered


Or find someone to give it to... though, seriously, cheap inkjet printers are a glut on the market. (I have two spares sitting in my basement that I purchased because getting the whole printer was cheaper than getting a new set of ink cartridges for that model.)

I've done that. For the printers I've used, the OEM inks do produce better results, and if I'm printing color at all I want near-photographic quality or better, with near-archival resistance to fading or better.

Instead, I sprung for a laserprinter with a decent long-life toner cartridge. Disposable stuff goes through it.

the colors are a little washed out...

but i don't really mind

Like Burf said -- if it works, give it to a friend; if it's broken, salvage it for parts.
1) everyone knows someone who can use a printer.
2) printers have neat parts you can use in a plethora of projects.


8 years ago

Here is how I deal with old electronic toys, in order of priority to me,

If it works:

1. Give it to a friend.
2. Donate it to a charity.
3. Tear it down, study how it works, and salvage the parts.
4. Sell it on Ebay.

If it doesn't work:
1. Tear it down, study how it works, and salvage the parts.
2. Turn it in to a recycler.
3. Put it in a "Just in case" box, and store with all your other salvaged goodies.