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Can anyone think of a way to turn 3 old Satellite dishes into a video game type chair? Answered

 I have 3 of these dishes laying around, the company who's name is on them doesn't recycle any of the outdated equipment they upgrade, told me I would have to throw them out myself... well I dont just 'throw things out'. lol

So I have 1 regular small round one, the medium oval shaped "slimeline", and 1 of the larger more rectangular models (each dtv) all with the adjusting arm and all the screws. 

When I looked at the pile,  for a moment I saw a gaming chair... but I cant quite figure out a decent design.  Imagine 3 slightly different sized dishes if you can ... I'm not sure if anyone else will see the same possibility?


one for the butt and one as the back

My first thought is it use the oval one as the back, spin the bracket 90 so that the 'pipe' would be facing down, then take the round one as the chair bottom. might use the rect one as leg piece. Just a thought.

That sounds like it might work, Im going to visit my local scrapyard later and do some window shopping, LOL I have a feeling maybe the magic piece, a bracket or elbow or rocking base of some kind will jump out and yell at me.

Also I have some foam and fabric to cover with if the project goes an uglier route. Its NFL to go with the "Madden 11" theme that will undoubtedly be happening in the family room after Christmas. Thanks for your input. ;)

The question is going to be how well those dishes fit the body. You may need cushions to compensate for the fact that you aren't dish-shaped.

Outside of that... The challenge would be coming up with a decent-looking wood and/or metal framework to position them appropriately. I'd start by looking at metal-frame office chairs, which have had to solve a similar problem.