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Can anyone think of names for an all white male cat? Answered

Well, we are getting a new kitten and this one is all white and we can't agree on a name. P.S. Don't say Snowball, that's way too generic.



Best Answer 7 years ago

I recommend waiting until you have the kitty a few days before naming it. That way you can see what fits. If he's really crazy, you can pick something As for specific suggestions, didn't Dr. No have a white cat in the James Bond movie? How about Dr. No?


Blackie, Spot, Ginger?

Ha Ha! Forgot about the Simpsons, although I don't know how. I think that just about any topic you can think of has been covered by them.

Almost any name based on the cat's color is going to be very generic or obvious. That doesn't necessarily make it the wrong name -- I know a grey feline named Shadowcat whom that name seems to suit -- but if that isn't what you want, don't let the color drive your decision.

Required reading: http://famouspoetsandpoems.com/poets/t__s__eliot/poems/15121

As that poem says, George is a perfectly reasonable name for a cat. On the other hand, if a performer can be called Meatloaf, a cat can be called that too if it seems appropriate.

When I adopted mine, her previous owner had named her Isis. After a few weeks with us, her name changed to include both an "everyday" name and a "more dignified" name... and I often called her other things anyway. (Longish story, not immediately relevant here.)

Our family's first cat was unimaginatively called "Cat." Since at the time nobody else was answering to that name, it worked just fine. That wouldn't work as well now.

Well, like I said, we are naming it Riley as it seems to suit this cat perfectly and does not have anything to do with it's color.


(As in "doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell)

Haha that's funny, but I'm afraid my family has decided on Riley. We met this cat at Petsmart and it seems to fit. Thank you everyone for all the answers!!!


7 years ago

As in Clyde, the orangutan, from the old Clint Eastwood movies.

Something political... Republican, Unemployed...

My better half says "Albi" or "Sooty"
I reckon either "Spot" or "Chalky"


7 years ago

A friend of mine recently, at my suggestion, named his all-white cat Ak-mak. My in-laws have a formerly all-white cat named Graham. Ritz, Saltine, Triscut, etc may be inappropriate as well.