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Can being emotionless be considered good? Answered

Consider this: is an individual person better of with emotion, or with pure logic and a strict moral code?

I mean, lots and lots of bad things in the world originate from emotion. People hurt others because they are angry, or because they are sad and want to feel better, or sometimes even for pleasure.
Others' are moderately to seriously impeded by fear ( like phobia), by guilt, depression, anger;  revenge and pleasure (STD's, for example). Do the positive sides outweigh those?

And before you answer, think this: people say sociopaths and psychopaths are emotionless, and therefore kill. but those merely suffer a lack of empathy and concience, and do bad stuff to satisfy their pleasure. Because, is there any logical reason to hurt or kill another human?

And think about the Star Trek: The Next Generation character "Data" (if you know him). Emotionless, but the last person (or android, for that matter) in the galaxy to hurt another person without reason.



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Interesting question.I don't think it is a matter of having or not having emotions as being good or bad but rather how you act on your emotions.   Or another way of looking at it is how emotions control you.  For example, anger is usually considered a negative emotion but if it comes about in the face of injustice (ie, if you see someone being treated in an unjust way) this anger may motivate you to do something to help, thus becoming a force for good.
Coming from a Buddhist perspective we are taught to recognize the emotion as it arises and the physical sensations that accompany it, but not get caught up in it, or let it take over our thinking, and it will eventually fall away (mostly speaking in terms of negative emotions, such as fear, anger, sadness, etc. -though we must realize that it works the same way for happiness, joy, love etc.) 

I think emotions are a normal human response to our environment, obviously serving some evolutionary purpose.  But the important thing when it comes to emotions is to ask yourself  "who is driving the car you or you emotions?"

 thank you for the response! It is a good method to overtake emotion with thought, and this certainly applies for anger.
But  If you always suppress something with thought, you will eventually end up with thought alone.
And still, I cannot understand why humans need sadness. but that'smy fault.

I believe the a brain is like a computer; you can install programs, and delete them. And programs you don't use get stored deeply into the system, not easily found. 

I looked this up because I was self reflecting. I went from looking up lust, anger, and not crying for a long period of time, and now to emotionless. ( I do not always google my personality flaws it just sorta happened tonight) What I can say about this comes from experience and reading. I realized and have seen that someone who has a lot of emotions is dangerous and same goes with someone who does not have any emotions. The one thing keeping someone from being dangerous. (when I say dangerous I mean doing harm to themselves mentally, physically, or spirtualy. When we harm ourselves we end up harming others) Is self control. I learned that I am not emotionless but I know how to control a lot of my emotions. I see that they do not do me good when I act off of my rational emotions, rather I think logically. Their are times where emotions help us and in which we can help others. Their are times where having control of those emotions do the same. Emotions are beautiful and have a lot of power. Try to see the difference between shutting down your emotions in which you really hold it all in and it comes lashing out eventualy to controlling them. I do not cry often because I know that crying is not going to make my situation better. It is not going to do anything at all. I then ask myself what can I do to make the situation better? Marcus aurelius talks about principles over pleasure. Which I take to heart because principles and pleasures go hand in hand on how we control our emotions. We should not shut down our emotions and only use people and things to our advantage but we should control our emotions and help those who need our help such as freinds and family when they cannot control their emotions and help them advance in life. We are all human and have emotions. Regardless of what you say. Learning how to control those emotions to better ourselves is key to living. If we truly better ourselves we then can help others better themselves and help the world become a better place. I have a motto "Think before you speak and Think before you act" is doing this going to benefit me is saying this going to benefit him or her or them. I recommend reading Marcus Aurelius's book Meditations and The Kingship of self control by william george jordan. I hope that Ive helped!! Feel free to email me at peacejacome@yahoo.com for discussions

I cant say im emotionless or that i want to be. What i can say is that its nice being protected by the luxery of feeling nothing but when you take the time and devoute yourself to people, learn to feel others pain n sadness along with joy and happiness i believe history has shown that those people seemed happiest (opinion). I personally see it to easy to choose not to feel anything but to master ones feelings, that is a challenge sure there will be times when anger, rage, spitfulness and hate will fill the hearts of men but mankind is always given the option to be that way the same as yall choose to have no emotions. So my choice on life isnt to live as a God or even be happy (though it'd be nice) but just to get to help others and share the feelings everyone gets will make my life complete i think. In saying that im glad i could experience yalls thoughts (was guna say feelings ^_^) on no emotion existance =] thank yall.

Hm.. I don't know if you log on anymore or even care to have an answer to your question this far in time, but considering its almost 4 in the morning where I am, and it is because of my lack of emotions that got me Google'ing and here, I might as well give you my input on emotionless vs. emotion[al]. I consider myself emotionless. I literally and truly feel almost nothing at all. This all stemmed from being betrayed about 3 or 4 times in my past. Guess when a person feels enough emotional pain, they close up. Anywho, my advice? It's alright to be emotionless being nothing holds you back. You don't feel bad about some of the things you do or say --especially if those verbal things are the cold, hard, harsh truth. You're less afraid and more intimidating --if that's what you're going for. Me? I was going for the latter and it worked out nicely. But there is one huge downfall to be emotionless that I discovered recently. Because of MY lack of/no emotions (among other things) I have no idea if I like or care about a very depending person in my life. Because I've become so emotionless over the years, I can't tell if my feelings (or whatever feelings SHOULD be there) is mutual to another. And trust me, right now, it sucks not knowing. Again, my advice, if there was a way you could be emotionless without completely losing or sealing away your emotions, than you're in a great position. If you're emotionless like me, this only confuses things when you REALLY need your emotions.

"Really needing" emotions, in which situations does that apply? In most situations, even the difficult ones, you don't really need them. For example, when you have to help a drug addict, you can easily "fake" emotions, and that is easy. And to determine if you like a person, well... if that person is kind to you, doesn't harm you, and helps you , then you do not have a reason to go away from that person. Being with that person is good for you, and thus you should stay. I too, cannot have strong feelings for anyone. My feelings for my playstation are as strong as those for my mother, my friends, a barbeque and Sci-Fi. But that doesn't bother me. I stay with people who are useful to me, and I help them when I can, to return the favor. Even though I do not comprehend a lot of their emotions, feelings, and choices. Actually, my only emotion is happiness. Either I'm happy, or I'm neutral. Love and sadness are strangers to me. I would like to ask you a question: "Can you feel happy? Or have you lost that emotion as well?"

these fake emotion are very interesting. being this person i am, i understand what a construct of fake emotions are. for i have one. i chose to co-exist with these humans to get a better knowlegde and understanding of what is becoming of this pointless existence. i decieve others around me to not arouse attention to what i have become in my young life. the being i am is nothing more than a hollow shell that walks and breaths in this pathetic world(even though i live in it). my fake emotions have evolved into a personality that no one can see through. they are blinded by this personality, and can not tell the difference between my loving side and my heartless side. i've evolved into a higher stage of mental capability compare to my peers. i have matured further than they could ever go. don't think of me as a freak(think whatever u like i don't care) but as anyone can understand, emotions are for the weak. since i lost my emotions i have gain physical and mental increase. i have surpass those around me, and became someone that should be feared(fear might be a strong word but whatever). my fake emotion/personality is something i built to decieve everyone, but i am really a damned soul in tormenting fire that has to survive another day in a god-for-saken existence. my feelings are gone and all that remains is a mortal god(this is the only proper name i can think up for beings like me).(this comment is what i believe in, others who read this doesn't have to care.)

Certainly. Emotions are overwhelming and can cloud ones logical judgement to see what's important/what steps to take to not stray from the path. I am emotionless and I know from what I see, I'd rather be this way but without a path I would find myself in a cloud. In this cloud I tend to loose time and not care for others needs, not a good mixture. Luckily I found my path at an early age. Tis strange but I was devoted to a Sega game called Ultima which was based on your characters virtuous actions in order to complete this game & there were 8 virtues you needed to master. It was a perfect path to take for my life for not only will I be rid of the cloud but I saw others around me gain a high respect for me because of my virtuous ways. Necropolian is very much on the mark & to his question "Can you feel happy, or have you lost that emotion also?" The answer from my perspective is: Yes it is lost. Being happy means that it's easier and there is no cloud in your way/on your path you need to walk around. It’s an easing feeling…