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Can cassava starch be use as the main ingredient in plastic making???Just like potato starch!! Answered

pls... i want to conduct research about cassava starch!!11what is it in the potato ..that can be use as the main ingredient in making potato plastic??/how about the cassava starch???pls..ans this!!!?



we actually made and tried already the cassava the result is just mostly like the same.....but we are now trying to make another plastic using the cassava..and we will put something to it..

If you fully understand how potato-starch is used, and I mean "fully" - you would be in a position to adapt to cassava.
I seriously doubt anyone who has extensive knowledge of potato starch will find this question, so I would suggest you go looking.


Probably, yes.

The best way to answer this, though, is to try it yourself.

This isn't the best place for organic chemistry. Google yielded some good searches when I tried it, but I'm not a chemist.