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Can cigarette lighters be used for a mini spud gun instead of the long nosed, or grill lighters? Answered

I've been trying to make a mini spud gun, but all the instructables say that you need a long nosed lighter or grill lighter. Can the piezo electric ignitor be found in a cigarette lighter. I have no experience whatsoever in these type of things, so an explanation would be helpful. Thanks.


Most cigarette lighters use a flint mechanism to light, rather then a piezo electric one. The flint mechanism produces sparks from rubbing flint against a metal, rather then by arcing electricity. This mechanism can not be used easily for a spud gun.

OK thanks, I didn't know anything about it. :)

ya but instead of an electronic starter you just drill a hole and hold the lighter to it

As benthekahn said, all cigarette lighters use a flint to light the flame (the part that you spin with your thumb). A piezo elecric ignitor can be found in a grill lighter. To open the grill lighter, you will need to remove 2 screws and also take a plastic ring off (located at the end of the plastic handle where it meets the metal tube). A grill lighter has the piezo electric ignition part, and a plastic bottle of compressed lighter fluid, which comes out a plastic tube and hooks to the metal tube. If you want more info shoot me a message!

of course it can but you would probably need to attach en extra bit of wire to it for it to be big enough though