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Can disabling Avira AntiVirus Shield make your games run slower???? Answered

So for the past few months i have been playing computer games.
But before i start any game i disable antivirus guard.
And this week i have been playing with it ON.
Games are working atleast 6 times faster. (yeah i know my computer is that bad.)
İs this possible or is my computer mutant???



I would say it depends on how the scanner works.
In most cases it is much easier to add an exception for the game to the scanner - but usually only cracked games need that type of attention ;)
The scanner works on demand, that means files are checked on access, therefor I fail to see how an active scanner would make a game faster.

And for real measurements you need the screen refresh rates and check the hardware while running the game.
Possible that your scanner is interfering with your graphics card driver or other related extensions used in your games.

agree with the memory card bit.

dont agree about cracked games.

i download cracked stuff all the time. (i scan it before unraring, after unraring, after setup, and when im bored....)

How are you calculating x6 faster? Are you running a hardware monitor?

Without more info (hardware specs, games being played, and concrete data) it will be hard to give any real answers.

No not really 6x faster, just exaggerating.

a have amd hd raedon series 4600 (worst graphics ever, seriously you should think 3 times before getting it)

2gb ram (lowest sum i ever heard of.)

windows 7 ultimate 32 bit


Search for a little program called Open Hardware Monitor. Run it while playing the same game with and without the Antivirus running. You're most interested in cpu and memory usage.

Very very hard to say as we are unable to view your PC to see what is happening.

If your playing online games then disabling your anti virus isn't a good idea anyway.

why isnt it a good idea to play browser games with avira off??

IF your playing games on line - is the operative part.

On line - no anti virus protection - bad combination.