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Can fiberglass cloth take shape before applying resin? Answered

My question is after cutting a fiberglass sheet cloth , can the cloth take shape using ironing spray and some heating before applying resin , because im going to fiberglass a rc boat, but it is very slippery and there is no level between  the fiberglass patches  some details are deformed, so im thinking to put one or two complete sheets that cover every thing then resin it .

is it possible?????


Normally a boat is made inside a mould. (often made from wood.

Spray on a release agent to make sure the GRP will come out.

Apply a gel coat this is the smooth surface you will see on the out side and has NO glass in it at all. It may be coloured. The gel coat will not set but will remain slightly sticky helping you apply the mat & resin.

The apply matting and soak in resin as you go pressing well into the mould. A paint brush is good for this but you will have to chuck it out when the resin hardens so several and cheap are the way to go.

Acetone will remove resin from surfaces, brushes and equipment if it is still liquid,

Normally the mat isn't applied dry as you say it will be sliding all over but this will stop once resin is applied.

IF your applying to a plug (a positive pattern) then you will need to coat all over allowing a good overlap at the edges )trimmed off later when set) - To get a smooth outer surface sand the GRP down when dry. Wear a mask GRP isn't good for you.

Work with plenty of ventilation it is going to stink!

Im sorry but i didn't really understand what do you mean , i wanna the fiberglass cloth(mat) take the shape before i apply resin , is there any trick to do it her , im applying on a positive shape , im fiber glassing on an old boat

I know i wanna to do that to make the resine coat easier to aplly.

thats it

You could try experimentally wetting the material under a damp cloth, or, as I said before, use a finer fibre.

Not really the glass cloth is held together with PVA glue I guess you could glue cut bits together BUT of you do it right there is no need to do this.

What sort of mould or pattern are you using.

Pre-preg the mat by lightly soaking it in resin and then applying it to the surface. Once it's in shape finish applying resin normally.