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Can heavy duty plastic be sealed to make an inflatable object? Answered

I'm interested in making bumpers for a super long slip and slide.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Almost any thermoplastic can be heat-sealed. Thermoplastics are plastics that set at ambient temperature and melt at higher temperatures.

PVC is a thermoplastic that can be heat sealed

Plastics that WONT heat-weld are chemically set - once they react chemically you're stuck with what you've got. Poly-urethane for example can't be heat sealed, but can be glued.

That list has pretty much every type of plastic you can get your hands on.

Poly sheeting from a home improvement store can be glued with something like contact cement or rubber cement.

Yes it can, but as for what to use depends upon what plastic. Hot glue could work for some plastics but not for others because it shrinks it. A hot air gun could be used to melt the plastic to just create a seal. Your best bet would be Heavy duty tape, and lots of it. If that doesn't work then try hot glue, and as a final attempt use a hot air gun, but if the last one doesn't work then it will ruin your plastic. Good luck, you'll have to post how it goes!

Sure you can seal plastic. You just have to find a compatible glue. Or some plastics can be joined by heat. Pick your plastic then search for the best method of sealing it.