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Can high current be derived from a Tesla Coil's output being ran through a magnetic field ? Answered

I'm trying to devise a way to run my household with a Tesla Coil to supply all the power I need using a negligible amount of input from the power company. I'd like to go "All Electric", without the consequence of an outrageous cooling and heating bill.



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Lemonie is correct, the electric company charges by watts (VoltagexAmps) so even if you are getting more voltage it is not free,

its like

High Current x Low Voltage = $45
Low Current x High Voltage = $45

so even though you may be getting a higher voltage, you are still being charged the same.

hope that kind-of explains what im trying to get at.

Good luck with that. There's no way to get energy from nothing or even more out than in, contrary to what free energy nuts want you to believe (buy their $50 book on how to do it = scam since it doesn't work).

I'm sorry, but energy can neither be created or destroyed, therefore, you will gain nothing with this idea. Running in the presence of a magnetic field will do nothing. I don't know where you got that idea, but you really need to do research before coming up with crazy ideas. Why don't you invest in some solar panels, or build a wind turbine? Those will actually work.

The research I did was where I got the idea. It was from a journal on Tesla's early research. However, since it has been made abundantly clear to me I will gain no distinct advantage by using it, I have scrapped the idea in favor of building steam turbine powered by geo-thermal heat. I'll get my cheap energy, yet. Now, if I can just find a way to get free internet access, I won't have any bills to pay except for gasoline and car insurance.

Where are you planning on getting geothermal energy? Its not something you can do in your average backyard.

sure you can, dig 2 holes a few miles deep each (where it's 500-600F) and connect them at the bottom and run water thru it that in turns goes thru a turbine/generator and then thru a heat exchanger (heat for hot water and air in winter) before returning to the hole. Now get a quote for such a project (easily 10,000x the cost of solar panels, inverter, and batteries watt for watt and even if it's scaled up to MW's still more expensive) and you'll see why we still burn megatons of coal daily to power those turbines.

When you're right, you're right. I have one hundred acres nestled in the Boston Mountains in North Central Arkansas with two hot springs situated on the property. Even so, from the research I've done so far, I'd have to drill to a depth of 6500 ft. to get the desired temperatures to continually produce steam in a closed loop system and, given the huge deposits of natural gas in the area, I'd most likely end up polluting my ground water before reaching that depth. Therefore, I've warped another existing technology to such energy out of thin air. I'll post my finding here once I've wrung every bit of data I can get out of it. All I will say now is, electricity can be utilized to get a lot more electricity by destabilizing dense air molecules. This will go great with my EV battery extender.

Most Arkys don't have average back yards. I keep forgetting we take acreage for granted. Most of you have postage stamp sized yards. Me? I can't stand having people living close enough to see what I'm building out back. My house sits right in the middle of a hundred acre farm. You can't put a price tag on the privacy I've got. Also, I have a friend who drills drinking wells for a living. Ever since the gas companies started drilling, his work's been kind of slow. I'm sure he'll be happy to help, if we can avoid hitting more natural gas.....it's every where. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have more research to do. I need to figure out exactly how I need to set up the water pipes to generate the necessary amount of steam to efficiently drive the turbine.

You're not going to get any "free" energy by running your existing wiring through any device, including a Tesla Coil. You'll actually lose energy in the conversion process.

(try tapping street-lights instead)


What are you running the Tesla coil from then? L

I intend to run the existing wiring into it to produce the necessary operating voltage and run the resultant high output through an electromagnetic field to boost the current to run the A/C and other appliances.