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Can i Convert a 5 DIN ( MIDI Cable ) to PS/2 Port ? Answered

Hi Guyz , 
i've tried many ways to get this done but ended up with the same result .... no connection what so ever to the computer ...
1 - i went all over the country for a MIDI to USB converter but they are all expensive and hard to find
2 - i tried making a MIDI to Serial/MIDI Port cable which exists in a sound card i have ,, also didnt work because am not so into the electronic stuff and making my own DIY electronics ...

3 - now i have an idea that came to my mind 2 days ago ... PS/2 cables are some how ( Mini Midi ) .. if i may say ..

i bought a 5 DIN to PS/2 Extension which looks like this ( http://www.cablesnmor.com/ProductImages/k23642.jpg )

and i bought a MIDI Cable that Looks like this 
( http://www.sweetwater.com/shop/computer-audio/images/midi-cable.jpg )

then i bought a PS/2 to USB Converter !!!!! which looks like this ..
( http://www.jovinet.es/images/USB%20to%20PS2%20Converter%20(12).jpg )

i connected the MIDI Cable to my Piano Keyboard " MIDI OUT " port and plugged the other end of the cable to the MIDI to PS/2 Extension .... then i connected the PS/2 end of the extension to the ( PS/2 to USB converter .... 

i plugged the usb end of the converter to my computer and started a software called FL STUDIO which can receive MIDI input from external devices such as midi controllers ..

the whole thing didnt work ... and i still need help on what to do with this issue and how can i convert a MIDI cable to PS/2 ..... is it possible ???
thank you in advance :) 




7 years ago

if youre using this for a midi instrument youll need a one of these. sweetwater will literally ship anywhere in the world (they ship from Ft. Wayne, Indiana) and this is the cheapest midi-USB cable i could find (and free shipping!). you might need a driver for the device, but i think the cakewalk will cover that. as for the ps/2 connection, adapters for USB to PS/2 are incredibly cheap (heres one from Office Depot).

yes i am using it for a midi instruent , the cheapest USB - MIDI converter i ever saw over the internet was the one Burf sent me ,,, its around 3$ ... 
but am still trying to make use of what i already have .. i already have a PS/2 to USB converter ,

thank you for taking the time an trying to help me sir :D

Sometimes "what you have" really isn't worth trying to use. It's theoretically possible to drive screws with a hammer, but doing that much more work and getting very inferior results is a bad combination.

Midi, and the PS2 keyboard/mouse inputs, use different signalling schemes. I don't believe there is any way to simply connect them together without logic in the middle which understands how to translate one into the other.

It _should_ be possible to configure a serial port to accept the MIDI datastream. Of course that just gets you the data; doing anything with it in your computer remains your problem.

Yes, MIDI can be turned into RS232, you need a MAX 202 Chip to do it. There's no practical way of using the PS/2 ports. Steve

some sound cards have a MIDI/GamePORT that comes built in with the card and already converts midi data to computer readable data also it has its own driver for this port .. i tried to make a cable using this but am couldnt get it right since am not that good when it comes to soldering and hardware stuff ... if you meant a regular serial port that receives its input from a midi device using a MIDI to Serial cable ... i could make a program for it to convert the input data and use it with other midi softwares .. but the problem for me is the cable it self ..

thank you sir but am looking for a way to use the stuff i have right now .. i might consider buying this if nothing else works .. thank you again :D