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Can i Make a USB to 3.5mm jack converter? Answered

i need some diagrams showing which leads can be used as the left and right channels from a usb (vcc,D+,D-,)



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Mmmm, not sure about this. Straight power is a reasonable question, but "left and right channels" says that I don't really know what you want to do.
More information please.


If you just want to use the USB connector it doesn't matter much how you connect it.
But you'd be wise to use black as GND and red/white for the right & left channels.


ill try that but what about green?

If you're just using the USB connectors, you only need 3 connections; Left, Right, GND - you could use the green one if you wanted, but audio is usually red, white and black/bare metal.



You need to buy and plug in a USB-attached sound device, then plug your audio cable into that. Cheap play-only ones are available for $50 or so from multiple sources.  I'm using an M-Audio Transit on one machine -- more expensive but can record and play at better-than-CD quality levels.

On the other hand, your machine may already have an audio output port...

No, USB is not an audio output format. You need to convert it FROM USB to audio, with a plug-in device.