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Can i enter my instructable from last year? Answered

 Well, i made an instructable last year and i was wondering if i can enter it this year? 



8 years ago

Most contests have specific date windows, so depending on the contest you have in mind probably not.  Occasionally we'll run a longer time-frame contest (for example, Halloween contests are back-dated to allow any project since the close of the previous year's contest) but those are the exceptions.

 By not specifying which contest he was talking about, canida was able to answer the question in a more general, useful way, giving insight into the overall contest submission process.

Perhaps it would be useful if every contest's description specifically stated the window from which Ibles must be submitted.

The contest rules do state the exact dates when a contest starts and when your instructable needs to be published by.  I've never seen it specified but it may mean by midnight of your time zone or Instructables HQ Pacific time zone.

But if a user can significantly improve or take another approach and redo an older instructable, I think the new instructable would be eligible for the contest.

 Right. I guess I didn't check past Halloween contests to see how they inform us of the back-dating window, which is the one case mentioned where the eligibility window isn't necessarily the same as the window of the contest itself.

I agree that people should be able to submit improved versions of Ibles, as long as the project itself is improved, not just the Ible.

You might want  to add that you are talking about the april fools day contest. Because this topic also shows up in the regular forums and people won't know what you are talking about.

I cam through the contest page however so I do know ;)

And no probably not, some contests allow you to backtrace but most of them do not.

Remember that one important aspect of these contests is to generate more 'ibles and viewers.

If you want to be sure contact an admin :)