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Can i fit a V6 in a prius? Answered

I was thinking, ( just toying around with ideas) i could rip out the hybrid system, then put the engine in hachback area.




Best Answer 6 years ago

I'm sure you could, but you'd need a new transmission. I'm pretty sure the electric motor is integrated into the transmission. Since it doesn't need to change gears, you'd find it difficult to drive on just the V6 in whatever ratio the prius is set to.

Hot Rodding is an American right of passage! It started with the Horse and Buggy. One horse can't pull the load, let's ADD another, and the 'horse power upgrades' began. Putting a V6 into a Prius is always possible as long as you have enough money. ("Speed costs, Son! How fast do you want to go?") When you look at a Prius, you just don't think 'Bonneville Time Trials!' When I look at a Prius, I am filled with disgust because the Battery they use negates the 'green' image the car is supposed to exude! A much better direction to try is to Maximize the Fuel consumption! A Turbocharger would provide a significant power improvement and a bump in MPG! But a Small Diesel Motor, with Turbocharger would REALLY make for a more economical combination! An HHO system would clean-up any smoke and again, improve MPG! Converting to a Plug-in Battery system would make for another, greater, more economical Vehicle to operate! It IS possible to convert from 48 to 60 MPG, to as high as 200 TO 300 MPG! In terms of over coming the ridiculous cost of owning one, how impossibly huge the carbon footprint starts out, improving performance and really creating some serious bragging rights, There's a hole bunch of modifications that will save you big money!

forget a V6, do a V8. you can actually do V8 hybrid by keeping the electric part but getting rid of the I4

Sure. You could even get a V8 in there but you'llhave to get rid of the batteries, electric motor, build new mounts change transmissions, get a bigger gas tank and a whole bunch more.

Why bother?  The styling of the Prius is not something you would would to work on. 

Better to find something that has some style to start with and spend your time and MONEY on that.

The point is that it's a slow [stock] car. So, when you pull up to the light,(VROOM VROOM!) you can beat that Eclipse, shock the driver, and get a speeding ticket, all in a Prius.

I agree that the answer is "Can you? Sure; if nothing else you can probably manage to force-transplant a Prius body onto some other chassis.. Would it be straightforward? No. Would the result be worth the effort? Certainly doesn't seem so to me."

While that is true - if you super lightened and upped the suspension quality on a prius...then swapped out the entire drivetrain for something a lot more powerful - it would make a hilarious scene at the lights when it destroys muscle cars!

You coul freak out the electronics, and make the prius beat muscle cars.....

The motor just doesn't have the juice to make it happen - even at maximum (read: burst into flames) capacity, the motor doesn't have the power to weight ratio...

Now if you swapped the internals from something like a Tesla Roadster...THAT would be funny!