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Can i get a balison/butterfly knife in cuba ???? Answered

imma going to cuba soon and i would like to know ASAP



Best Answer 9 years ago

Like the other answers, Yes you can, if you can find the right shop (a general outdoor goods?)

Just make sure it is not in your hand luggage (and is in the luggage for the hold?), and hopefully you can bring it back, don't have too high expectations. ;-)

And also if it is spotted on the x-rays and noticed be prepared for it to be searched and end up with a messy suitcase.

i was carrying knives around in my luggage before i also had 2 boxes of caps noone cared

i know someone who smuggled a ninja star from thailand through airport security it his large bag (not hand luggage) you could try that (by sort of stuffing it in amognst your clothes in the case)

thats how i got my switch blade across the border

yes you can, but have fun trying to get it through airport security! :P

Yes. But it will be noticed when your bags are X-ray'd at the airport, and then you have a date with a rubber glove.

You can get one there, probably. They are illegal in the states and canada however.