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Can i put an LM386 amp into the circuit with my TiP31 for flashing LEDs? Answered

Hi guys i have a problem.

I went to the local electronic store and got everything for my op-amp except for the stereo jack and socket. Do i need those or can i just plug the wires somewhere in the existing circuit?

What i just got bits for and haven't made up yet..

What i have made already but lacks oomph...

Thank You



Best Answer 7 years ago

Wait, though. What do you mean by "oomph?"

Well not enough current is flowing when i plug it in i need the volume at 100% to get any flash to the music which is far too loud to listen to as well. That's why i need the amp.

Have you looked at this instuctable?


It's shows exactly what you were asking for.

Thanks, i was wanting to know how the wire the 2 circuits together without the plugs (poorly worded question perhaps).
Now that i think about it more i'll just go by the socket and jack to complete it as i will be able to apply it to more than one situation.