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Can i repair broken LEDS? Answered

 Like can i repair them when they short circuit or if they blew? I recently killed 7 high quality (and expensive) LEDs =( If i can't repair them, what can i do with the dead ones??


It's dead, Jim. The magic smoke got out.

Tell your teacher he and/or the school owes you the replacement price.

nope. once dead, always dead. as for disposal, not quite sure. If they're high output devices, you may be able to salvage ancillary components from their package (reflectors, heat sinks, etc.) but otherwise they're just garbage. Not sure if there's a good way to dispose of them in an "eco-friendly" manner.

If you "fry" an LED, the functional bit is knackered. The metal pins may be OK, but they're just metal. The plastic bit may be OK, but that's just plastic. If the light-emitting part has been damaged, it's permanently damaged. Broken, ruined, can't be mended.


Here the story btw:
I borrow my physics teacher my best leds for a demo.... he blew em up! lol 

Sorry, no. If they were in a string, then its possible one may have gone and protected the others, but IME, they usally all go "phut".

 The answer is no.

is the actual led broken or just the driver?