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Can i run my arduino off 4xaa batterys? Answered

I would like to run my arduino (deumonilative) off 4 aa batterys to the power jack.
Would this damage my arduino.
Thanks, David.


The Arduino processor, the atmega, can run down to 2.7V.

WHICH "Arduino" are you ACTUALLY using - there are dozens of 'em now.

The Atmega 16u2 on a UNO can also run down to 2.7V.

Low voltage operation means that your interfaces have to be cleverer, but you COULD run an "Arduino" on two batteries at a pinch.


Arduino Duemilanove data sheet - Same voltage limits.
As Steve says, some of the processors can run a lot lower but your battery is driving the voltage regulator circuit for the other devices on the board.  There will be ways of by-passing the regulator and driving the chips directly, but for the moment you're better off just giving the regulator the voltage it needs and letting it sort the rest out.

Looking at the circuit, I reckon you could afford to lose the regulator - or, if you're a scaredy cat, replace it with a low drop out one instead, but, if you keep the thing ONLY powered off batteries, and have no USB connection, you COULD run it on 3V.

Like I said though, it will really upset your logic interfaces, unless you know what you are doing.

I'd say no to 4 x AAs.
Looking at the Arduino UNO spec, supply voltage limits are given as 7V to 12V, with the absolute limits as 6V to 20V. 
Yes, 4 x AA PRIMARY batteries (i.e. non-rechargeable) would give you 6V, but as soon as the voltage drops off as they discharge the voltage will fall below the minimum, probably resulting in strange and erratic behaviour from your circuit.
4 x AA RECHARGEABLE batteries would only give you 4.8V which is a non-starter! 

No,problem you can run your arduino using 4 AA batteries as the combined voltage is 6v which is the lowest operating voltage for the arduino.Anything between 6-12v is ok.