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Can i use a grill igniter to light Black powder Answered

I am building a golf ball morter and I don't want to use fuse could I use a grill igniter?


Sure that is how the Heckler & Koch G11 caseless rifle works.

a tazer would not. as much noise and bright sparks as it made, it was too brief to ignite powder (or a match!)
that said, id like to hear your results with the grill igniter. proof is in doing

You sure can but I would not recommend it.
The use would mean you quickly get build up or even corrosion on the outer (metal) case of the igniter.
In the long run you risk failure or shorts, the later often with massive sparks and risk of personl harm.

If you need a reliable fuse look for electrcic matches or igniters for model rockets.
But there is always the good old way of using a burning fuse for black powder...