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Can i use all-thread as an axle for pulleys and gears? Answered

i recently used all thread to make an axle for two casters and wheels so that i could adjust how loose or tight the sides of the caster rubbed on the wheels. i made the casters and my dad attached them to the pre-made base that he had made earlier, looking back i probably should have helped out and made an instructable along the way... anyways the method that i used to put the wheels onto the axle made me wonder if i could easily use the same method to put a pulley or a gear onto all thread. the idea is that i would simply put a nut, then a lock nut, then a washer, then the pulley, then a washer, then a lock nut, then a nut and i would tighten the holy bejeezer's out of it until it was firm and steady, the friction of the washer would transfer power through the lock nut to the all thread. would this work? even as a proof of concept? i want to avoid ordering anything off the internet so if anyone knows where to get actual pulley and gear axles here in upstate new york that would be beyond great!

also as a side note, i'm thinking about using a hole drilled into a flat piece of steel or even some uber hard wood that's been sitting around collecting dust and sawdust to use as support for the axle, it'd act as a kind of bushing/bearing type deal. the idea is that i would keep it working by simply putting two nuts together on either side of the hole on the all thread and tighten them together until they locked.



Best Answer 5 years ago

When you say "all thread" I assume you just mean a fully threaded rod?
In theory that will work, at least for awhile. If you wanted this to last I would get some loc-tite for the nuts and then jb weld the pulley or gear to the rod and to the nuts next to it. In the end you probably only need the jb weld to hold the pulley/gear on depending on the torque it will see.


Answer 5 years ago


Any time you extract or add power to the rod with a pully or gear it should have a keyed slot, or a set screw to really grab the rod. The nuts on the rod would just be to hold axial location.

Any time it freewheels, just use a bearing, and some double-locked nuts with locktite on them to again prevent slop.


5 years ago

yeah, but ultimately it has a nasty habit of wearing out the bearings....