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Can i use an old wireless mouse rc transmitter to switch something close range on&off? Answered

Hi guys, having a bit of trouble figuring this out. I'd like to use an old wireless mouse with a nano receiver/transmitter from my laptop. 
I'm a bit of a newbie so thats why i cant figure it out.. :-# 

so the exact project is this. 

Im trying to build a foam drone/heli with some electromotors  from a broken trimmer and such. Cool thing would be if i can switch this on/off wireless. Any other tips/tricks/hacks/goodtolookat are welcome. 

Thanks in advance! 



2 years ago

Ah thanks guys for the response, i guess we live in a different timezone though :)

We'll at this point on i really dont have any spare cash, but alot of electrical salvage components. Any ideá's on what i could do with; for example the mouse usb nano receiver and transmitter? Or the mouse's laser. I dont know!

And thanks again! that website is really good :-)

@downunder Is building this receiver easy?

I can answer that . No. building a Blue tooth receiver isn't a trivial task.

Your not going to do a lot with no expense, no experience and knowledge and no direction.

Start SIMPLE. build knowledge and skills.

working on it! I actually had a electronics enthousiast as physics teacher, so i know my way a bit. Gotta pick it up i guess!

Your going to need to get very complicated. Buy a transmitter and receiver. that can be very cheap. look at hobby king.

You needUSB protocols for it.
If you want a simple receiver than just buy one or build one.