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Can i use my USB wireless Keyboard-Mouse Connected to PC using inbuilt WiFi/BT ? (Not to connect Dongle internally Answered

I repair Computers and take interest in getting new Hacks.! I get most of my queries solved from the Site...yet  I was wondering if we can Couple the keyboard/mouse to the inbuilt Bluetooth/ WiFi of Laptop.


The kb/m talk 'some kind of wireless' - be it bluetooth, or proprietary something that needs the dongle.

If your computer doesn't speak that protocol, then no. If it came with a dongle, 99% of the time it's because they used a proprietary protocol that can't be emulated with default windows 'wifi' or 'bluetooth'.

I've never seen a wifi keyboard for the record.

Can it be done, virtually anything can be done, but it would be easier to (as you suggest you don't want to do) include the dongle somewhere inside the computer.

There would be so many problems with something like this. The biggest would be that each piece of hardware would need a separate IP address. Each item would need to log onto the network and be routed through the router to the computer. So you would not even have usage until it was booted up and running and everything logged on. It would slow everything down because the signal from the keyboard would have to go to the network, through the router then to the computer networking process and finally to the right place to interpret the signal. And this would have to happen for every single bit of information. A direct connection is much simpler , faster, and more secure and has way less problems.

Agreed. Fairly though, they've started implementing IPv6 to remove NAT, and have gajillions of internet connected devices -- everything in your house that has a computer can reasonably be connected to the web.

There's a funny xkcd comic on the topic of nano-bots that start taking over/eating the planet/self replicating....suddenly they stop after half the planet is physically gone -- they ran out of addresses ;)

We can config it bu some kind of IPv4 too ..if we consider a router to be in a local connection.. As ISP----> Broadband Device(if any) --->WiFi Router(Local Hot Spot)
Connect as many Devices as long as you have IP from 192.168.xxx.xxx .i.e. 256x256=65536 devices. this is quite a large number of devices to be connected for a large home. ;) any new innovative approach is to be entertained. And a little difference is to be made in the hardware .

Right, that's network address translation.

From wikipedia: The most important feature of IPv6 is a much larger address space than in IPv4. The length of an IPv6 address is 128 bits, compared to 32 bits in IPv4.[1] The address space therefore supports 2^128 or approximately 3.4×10^38 addresses.

Every device conceivably made by man before now, and after now could be given a unique ip6 address and no translation would ever be needed.