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Can i use my dads project Answered

can i take my dad's project and enter it in a contest?

I have his permission.

And he prefers me to do it because, he is busy.

if I did this I would narrate it as if he was righting it.

And I know how he did it.


I don't see why not we do have collaborations here at Instructables so when he does and you write that is a collaboration.

Definitely! I used my mom's project for one of my instructables!

Yes, that should be fine. You could have him proofread or even make some suggestions to make sure you've covered all the details of his project before you publish it, if you wanted.

Be sure to use only your own images and text, though. Documenting and sharing something your dad made with his permission is totally fine, and we can't wait to see what he made! :)