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Can i use my second hard drive for ubuntu and my cdrive for windows? Answered

I plan on installing ubuntu on my laptop and have 2internal hard drives both 320GB. Is there a way i can install ubuntu to my secondary hard drive? If so how would i do this at the disk partitioning screen when i install ubuntu.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Absolutely. That's the way I have my PC set up and it works beautifully. I have XP on one drive and Ubuntu on the other. It makes it nice because I can switch back and forth, though I have found that I rarely use the Win disk anymore. For my uses, Ubuntu is a superior OS in almost all respects.
Its easy to do, when you boot up the installation disk, all you need do is indicate which drive you want Ubuntu on and then decide if you want to partition it or let the disk do it for you and complete the installation.
Its, simple, just follow the instructions on the disk and you're set to go.

I had Windows XP on the primary drive and Fedora on the secondary drive, I believe that it should not be any different with Ubuntu.

To be specific, install Ubuntu on a partition on the secondary drive.
You would have to change the boot sequence to use it, but there'll be some dual-boot software somewhere.