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Can i use the lcd screen of an old cybershot ? Answered

I have an old sony cybershot camera and i have lost the info lithium battery and the charger also. I looked to purchase  new ones but unfortunately the  cost was to high. I'm wondering if i could use  the lcd screen alone for i.e. to project a video source, like dvd or surveilance camera. Thank you


Using the lcd alone is not impossible, but VERY difficult - even if you have an electronics engineering degree - its just not fun.

Using the camera as a video source might be possible, but also not ideal. :( just not what it was designed for.

Finding a new battery is often possible if you know the part number and use ebay or www.dealextreme.com.  I picked up a new lithium battery for my sx60 for only 5 bucks shipped.  It's comparable by specs and hasn't let me down yet!  Over the counter it would cost 60-100 for a new battery for me.