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Can jarrah wood be used to make charcoal for black powder? Answered

I was wondering if the charcoal produced by the burning of jarrah can be used effectively in black powder.


Any wood can be turned into Carbon to be crushed into Black powder. Heck, you could even use bread if you want. But Jarrah being a hard wood, is better than pine. What you need to do is get an empty milo or coffee tin. put 2x 3mm holes in the lid. Fill it with your wood. Hard woods make more charcoal than soft woods but most charcoal is made from green wood (living wood freshly cut from trees). Put the lid back on your tin and put it in the fire overnight. Or you could do it properly and light a fire in a pit, get a decent amount of coals and then put your green wood on and cover the lot of it with a mound of sod. Leave for a couple of days then unearth your charcoal. Hope that helps and be careful with your gunpowder making.

I should think so, if you "cook" it in the right way. L