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Can leather be re-tanned/re-dyed a darker color? Answered

I have some leather that has already been tanned/dyed and I want to know if I can make it a darker color with leather dye/paint. (Not sure what the difference between dying and tanning is and not sure if I need dye or paint. Whichever will make the leather a darker brown.) Can anyone help?


I have found inkjet printer ink to work .you can mix and match your colour ,then try on sample of leather , after application on leather artical has dried , seal with leather polish .

Tanning is the procedure of making leather from a hide. Dying is the procedure that gives the leather a specific colour. You can re-dye leather with kits that are easily found online but you are generally always limited to darker colours. I suppose you could paint leather but it will probably look pretty bad..

Dye it - in general your going to be looking at a darker colour.