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Can make your own contest and host it? Answered




Best Answer 8 years ago

Yes! In a week or so, I will be holding a sandwich contest, with real prizes.

Details! Post a teaser in the forums!

I would but I'm having trouble figuring out which category in the forums to post it under. Recipes? Pro? I'm also waiting for a few more prizes, plus my main computer with photoshop so I can create some patches. It'll probably be a week to a week and a half.

Recipes, I expect.

Cool! Hopefully when I post the "How to enter the sandwich contest" instructable, it'll get feature so I can get a bit more publicity. Now to go and see if I can pry some patches (The real, physical kind) and stickers from someone at instructables. Who would be the best person to PM for that?

As long as you have *something* to stump up as a prize, yes you can.

As already mentioned, Mikeasaurus ran his own contest with actual prizes, and several people have run / are running contests or challenges for patches through the forums:

Sinkhole contest.

Mini Contest.

Swallowtail Challenge.

Patch silver surfer.jpgPatch Mini.jpgPatch robot butterfly.jpg

Yes, but it is not official, you are responsible for prizes, and the contest will not be featured on the front page.


8 years ago

Mikeasaurus created his own awhile back. It was a dinosaur contest. He created a dinosaur group, and an 'ible on how to enter the dinosaur contest listing the rules, entry deadline and the prizes. He chose judges from his subscribers by giving each of them a number and using a random number generator to chose. It was pretty fun. I was a judge, which was actually hard because there were only around 5 entries!


8 years ago

Mikeosaurous made a contest: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Enter-the-Dinosaur-Contest/, which I won third place in. So yes you can, if you look at the knex page they do so all the time. Although it will not be considered a "formal contest", it i possible to create one.

Yes and no.  You can always create a forum topic announcing a "contest," and run it any way you wish.  That's what the K'nex folks seem to do rather frequently.  If you have a paid membership ("PRO"), you can even offer to distribute patches to the winners of your contest.

Users cannot create the more "formal" contests.  Those are created by I'bles staff, usually after recruiting some form of corporate sponsorship to pay for prizes, etc.  The user community is always welcome to suggest ideas for future contests, but those are, obviously, just suggestions.

Well let's not forget the Dino contest here I mean he was allowed to do it but he had some serious prizes. so if you have something worthwhile to offer and a good suggestion for a contest perhaps they'll let you do it. Just contact someone from staff :)