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Can my UPS protect my TV and other Electronics other than my PC? Answered

I've a recently bought an UPS "Solltek 1400VA/840W UPS" to help me supply my PC when the power cuts off... It works perfectly so far for my PC specially because it only supports the "IEC 320 C-13 C-14 Cables" Outlet which is Perfect for the Power supply Inlet of my PC...
But furthermore, Can I use a converter to Convert that IEC C-13 to a Normal wall socket so that i can Plug any other Electronic device too (TV, Speakers, Printers, etc...) to work when the power cuts off.. ( a Converter like this one in the link http://goo.gl/D4mxkZ ) 

also i Wonder whether that procedure would be Harmful for those Electronic Devices or not (because of the Modified Sinewave type thing ..)

Thanks in Advance, and plz Excuse me for my English.. :)
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4 years ago

 YES !


4 years ago

Like Josehf says they can be used for anything. APC, a major power back up supplier has a guaranty that any electronics plugged into their unit is protected from damage as long as the warranty is in effect. One drawback though is that there is a limit as to how much they can handle. Usually you don't plug things like laser printers into the battery side because they have a high power drain. If you have a prolonged outage they can be very helpful if you use them right. If the power goes out for more than a few minutes I usually shut down the PC and turn off the UPS to conserve its battery. Later it can run a phone system for a long time if you need a phone or at night you can plug in a small CF light and it can run for many hours. If you have an old one with a dead battery and want to do some experimenting you can adapt it to use a car battery so you can get really long run times.

Mine have normal plugs and I use it on my satellite TV and everything else.

We have power interruptions and blackouts all the time and I haven’t lost anything due to lightning ether.

The only down side is if one battery or battery cell gets weak they stop working and I need to replace the batteries every two years or so.


If it's a modified sine wave inverter your electronics will tend to run a little warmer.
A UPS was never intended to run equipment for more time than it would take to shut it all off.
I have a Zantrex 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter connected to a 200Ah Trojan battery charged by solar panels so it is possible to run my stuff all day with no problems.