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Can or how would solar or wind power be directly connected to whatever you want powered without using a battery bank? Answered


Wind and solar generators both produce DC current, so in that area you are fine. The key thing would be to make sure you have the correct voltage. This can be done by using the proper resistance, or a voltage regulator such as a 7805 which puts out 5 volts. A 7815 puts out 15, etc. The easiest way to stop the flickering would be to use a battery, but the other alternative would be to hook up a capacitor which would do just as much for the random flickering, but it won't work when the sun disappears. My suggestion would be a 4700 micro farad capacitor. That is the basic idea of how to hook something up to a power source that is not completely constant.

wind generators can also be wired to provide AC.

All of that is good to know. I am just in the learning stages of solar and wind power so I've been reading a lot which usually results in a lot of questions. Thanks for responding.


8 years ago

If you want to use mechanical rather than electical energy you could power things directly from the turbine with a series of shafts, cogs. belts and sprockets.

Think about how a bicycle works and think of the pedals as the wind turbine,  anything you could power with a bicycle chain could be powered by a wind turbine without controllers, batteries ect..    People were using wind turbines hundreds of years before electricity.   People still use wind turbines to directly power water pumps and grain mills.

ya need the batteries to power your electronic stuff. The wind charger charges the batts till they are full then dumps power into a dummy load so it don't freewheel in the wind. that will destroy the wind machine. The unit that does the switching is a charge controller. Until you have batts you have wild electricity. You need to tame da juice.

Thank you for your explanation of using a charge controller and batteries to make solar energy much more efficient.

not so much efficient as the proper way to Tame Wild Electricity to make it usable and safe.

yeah. not a problem. i go through the Q section every so often because i see a lot of Crap Answers and i feel i need to get those Q's that i'm qualified for answered proper. otherwise pigs and crap would fly and maybe cost someone a lot of money. Your Very Welcome.

The power will fluctuate, so as long as you don't mind an irregularly flickering light bulb, it would work. The battery is usually there to even out the power as well as store it for later. Many circuts require a minimum amount of power, so whatever you hook up will fade in and out or cut on and off during power swings (clouds, lack of wind).

Thank you for your information. I'm learning as I go -- appreciate your input.