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Can soap be made from beef fat instead of pig fat? Answered



It is my understanding that you can use all kinds of fat or tallow. Some soaps are made with vegetable oils.

Thanks a lot. Since you seem to know about this subject, Do you know what the ratio of how much fat makes how much tallow? I read some where that solid weight (oz) makes approximately half of liquid weight (fluid oz). Is that correct?

That's correct. I know someone who sells olive-oil based liquid soaps.


fwiw, Soap made with olive oil as the primary oil is considered castille soap, if I remember correctly.

I've never used animal fat for soap making, generally, I use either olive oil or a mixture of palm and coconut as the primaries. I prefer coconut/palm, since olive oil based soaps can be tricky and go rancid a bit too easily for my liking.

I don't know the shelf life of animal fat based soaps, but I suspect it's short..


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