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Can somebody draw me a diagram for a circuit? Answered

 I'm new to this and don't want  to burn down the house so here's the details the power source is 5v (USB) and it going to be power a led thats about the size of Abraham Lincoln's head on the Pennie just tell me what to insert from there that would be great!



Put a 220 ohm resistor (red red brown)  in series with it and wire it across the red and black wires of the USB cable.  If it doesn't light, reverse the wires.

Find the spec' for the thing.
Where did you get it?


I salvaged it from a usb hub it gets pretty bright when attached to a 9v battery but I noticed one wire becomes really hot only after a few seconds

Was there a resistor attached to the led?

What was the power supply for the hub?

Nope no resistor at least not that I know of . It just had a DC adapter.

You need to know the voltage of the led.

And the current that it draws.

Or your could just guess.  Look at this site for more info.  Where the battery is drawn that is your usb source.

P.S. Guessing while using the power supply of your computer could lead to a bum computer power supply or worse.