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Can somebody get the capacitance of c8p3 on an xbox 360? Answered

The capacitor is on the bottom of the mother board around the chip ncp5331 (the numbers and letters on the top of the chip). THANKS I appreciate you caring.


C8P3 = 0.1UF, 10%, 25V, X7R, 603

Where did you find a code for this? It follows no marking convention I've ever seen before.

I have a 60 some odd page pdf outlining the full schematics for the 360.

Then it's a part number, instead of a capacitor code. I thought there were some capacitors that I didn't know about.

The document was written by MS (marked as confidential). I know they're not part numbers. There are many components that use a series of similar numbers (i.e. 603, 402, 805), but I haven't exactly read the whole doc to figured out what they represent. Also, I'm not an electrical engineer, but I'd bet iceng is on the right track with the other number and it potentially being a designation.

Thankfully in this case the OP wanted numbers, and not for me to interpret them. ;)

603, 402, 805

...package case sizes, from atomically small to merely teeny-tiny.

Anyway, the part specified is for a pretty crude filter by the look of it


I knew someone would know what those other numbers meant. ;)

Thanks for clarifying. :)

Can you tell me the voltage and capacity of c2p19, c2p5, and c2p8?

Thanks for the best answer. Here's the new info;

C2P19 = 10UF, 6.3V

C2P5 = .1UF, 6.3V

C2P8 = 10UF, 6.3V

Very good canucks !
jbaker should pay attention to the X7R designation which defines
physical properties of the capacitor that could mean thermal response
on an input adc port or not.