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Can somebody identify this plant? Answered

I bought this plant a couple of weeks ago in the houseplant section of my local garden centre. It came with a label that I soon found to be completely wrong (It's certainly not a cactus) and now I have no idea how to look after it. At first it grew very quickly and then slowed down dramatically, so I fear that it isn’t getting the right care.

It has long, smooth, chunky leaves (Though I’m not sure you would call them leaves) and a pale green stem. At first most of the plant was covered with a kind of hydrophobic white powder that has since worn off.

If someone could provide the name of this plant that would be perfect, thanks a lot!


it seems to be part of the succulent family

I would say that is some sort of Aizoaceae. The only other thing I know about that plant is that it is invasive to Southern California.

The cactus label isn't entirely wrong. They belong to class of plants called succulents, that are characterized by their ability to store water. They are often found in hot desert regions and with adequate conditions, they can be good house plants. Another type of succulent is Aloe (which you may be more familiar with).

Good light (preferably south facing) is best. Just keep an eye on it to ensure they aren't getting scorched (some will brown and others will whiten like they are bleaching from too much sun). If they aren't getting enough sunlight, they will stretch and bend in an attempt to get more sun.

They will also thrive in warmer temperatures during the day (around 85F), and can be much cooler at night without problems (down to 55F).

During the Spring and Summer you want to give them plenty of water, but ensure that there is good drainage. If the plant is left to sit in water, the roots will likely rot. You should also allow the soil to dry before watering again. Then during the winter months when the plant is dormant, you can cut back watering to once every 90 days. If the plant begins to drop leaves or gets brown spots, its likely being under-watered.

The first thing that I would do is transplant the succulent into another container that has drainage holes and is lined with some rocks at the bottom.

I hope that helps.

+1 almost impossible to kill and you can clone off other plants from it to give to your friends.


6 years ago

It is a succulent plant and there are many kinds of them in the family including cactus . This one looks a lot like a variety of a Jade plant.

You can see a bunch of thumbnails here. Looking up Jade plants I saw a picture that was just like the one you have so I do believe it is a variety of Jade, which is related to the cactus.