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Can someone create a REMOVABLE, yellow rod magazine??? Answered

I would like a visually pleasing, yellow rod magazine. It should preferable be removable and I would like it to have an internal mag pusher. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP???


I'm sure someone already made one, but if not, here's something I just made. This is 5 shot, and could be removable with the right magwell. Just line the top with connectors up with the barrel, and you're good to go. The bullets don't come out, as there is a roof, that if on the same height of the barrel, serves as barrel top. Pretty simple, but it works


No problem.
Yeah, I think it is usable without the roof. Though, without, the bullets'll fly out of the top when you put a band on. There are other ways to make the roof, without broken rods, but this is the easiest way I found

Thanks a ton! Lol well actually, while you were answering, I managed to build my own magazine. It's removable but there isn't a roof. I'll probably post it in a day or two. But because you were so quick to respond and because you properly answered my question, I'll give you best answer.