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Can someone give me a piece list for the rippen rocket roller coaster? Answered

Knex Rippin rocket coaster: I am thinking of buying one on craigslist :)


I would buy if I were you. But I wouldn’t pay over 25 dollars. Connectors: White 2 Blue 78 Purple 118 Track connectors. 112 Yellow 51 Green 13 Light gray 15 Red 22 Orange 103 Rods: Green 26 White 41 Blue 25 Yellow 142 Red 119 Gray 90 Gray flexi 71 Odds and ends: Track 2 Splice 6 Black hands 30 Head tops 4 Car 1 Hope this helps.

Are you going to give best answer?? I gave you a piece count.


9 years ago

I tried to find but can't