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Can someone give my PCB design a once over before i etch??? Answered

Hi everyone, hoping someone can help me here.

I have designed a pcb in expressPCB and was wondering if someone with a bit more knowledge and experience could give it a once over for me.  I just want to be sure there are no errors before i go away and etch this.

The design is based on a 30 channel ambilight tutorial that is here on instructables.  It uses two TLC5940 chips that are connected to an arduino.  I have left the arduino pins on the design unlabelled as they connect slightly different on each arduino (mine is a mega 1280).

Here is the design.  Please be gentle, i am just starting out with pcb design and have no breadboard at the moment. :)


Well here's what i got when i designed it in Fritzing.


Well you need to GENERATE the circuit diagram, because no-one in their right mind is going to pick it over for you. You haven't even identified the connector pinouts.


People are unlikely to check it for you without a circuit diagram.

Unfortunately, i don't have one. An instructable on here has the same idea (30 channel ambilight) but it was done using a breadboard. I was hoping i took it from the breadboard layout i seen and got it right.

Thanks for the help anyways.