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Can someone help figure out this Analog Devices chip? Answered

I recently aquired a handful of chips labeled Analog Devices ADTL 84. It's a 14 pin SMT part. Any ideas about what this is/does? I've done extensive Googling to no avail. I can add pictures later if anybody wants. Thanks in advance!


Alright, then for a guess its a TL 084 quad op amp I suspect. A nice little device to have a bunch of. for free ;-) Steve

Have you got the AD logo on it ? It doesn't SOUND like an AD part number to me. Where was it from ?

There is the little "play button" type logo (Black Triangle inside white square) on it, and I found a bunch of them in a bin at my school's electronics lab and my teacher had no idea what they were for or where they came from!

I got one as a sample from http://www.schmartboard.com/index.asp?page=schmartland_samples , I also don't know what it is.