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Can someone help me by explaining how to open up an Compaq Prespario CQ60? Answered

I was wondering if someone could help me on explaining how to open up a my compaq presario CQ60. The thing is that the fan noise is driving me nuts and I can't stand the fact that every time I play a game my fps drops. So I decided that it was time to open it up and give it a clean. Thank you all


Heed the instructions and warnings below. Also, if you remove all the visible screws (and those hidden under warranty stickers) and still meet resistance, use a flat-head screwdriver to gently pry up the rubber feet - oftentimes, these are also used to conceal screws. Again, a better first step might be a can of compressed air for $4.99. Normally all the important heat sinks (and areas of gunky buildup) are really close to the air ports in a laptop, for obvious reasons. The straw is super-handy in getting into these nooks.

best not to open it up just use air can to spray in . i dont want to insult you but if your not the type to be able to figure out how to take something apart i would reccomend not doing so... taking things apart is easy.. puting them back together can be the hard part.

Some of the screws may be under labels, as a simple way of detecting tampering and protecting warranties. There are likely to be several different lengths of screws. The right lengths have to go back into the right holes. As the others said, keep track of EVERYTHING. (A technique I've found useful is to insert the screws into holes in cardboard, numbering/labelling as you go, both to keep them from wandering off and to make sure you know which came from where.) If your problem is overheating and you think it's due to dust buildup, you want to first try blowing out the dust without disassembling. A few good shots with compressed air may be all you need.

As per Frollard, but these damned things have so many screws, and you can break things if you put 'em back in wrong, I'd video the process of dis-assembly if I were you, and put each screw by the holes they came from, and take a hires picture. Paranoia here will pay dividends !

I can't say specifically for your model - there will be a LOT of screws. One of my laptops needed the screen disassembled to take the bottom of the chassis apart to get the keyboard out. Document everything, take pictures, keep screws in egg cartons and label where they came from. Write down what you do step by step so you can do it in reverse to reassemble.