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Can someone help me find this old instructable? Desk made of shipping boxes? Answered

I remember back when instructable was getting popular, there was a featured? instructable made entirely of USPS or UPS shipping boxes.

I forgot if he used duct tape or whatnot. But it was very sturdy and such. I recently just got tons of shipping boxes and I want to make one. Can anyone remember and find the instructable for me since I can't find it?



Best Answer 8 years ago

If it was an old one then it might be gone.  Sometimes when people decide to quit visiting instructables they delete their instructables since they are not benefiting from the site so the site should not be benefiting from them.  Totally selfish attitude.

But, here's something I found on the web.  Might be what you're looking for.

But please be aware that the boxes furnished by UPS and USPS are for shipping thru them only and any use other than that is considered theft.  Reuse of a used box for other uses is considered recycling.

YES! Thanks! That's the same exact one I was looking for! 1UP to you.


8 years ago

I haven't found it, but there is something similar in the comments of  "What is the cheapest way to build a desk?" I hope I helped!