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Can someone help me identify this flea market find? Answered

I had seen a ring like this many years ago worn by my boss, but hers was gold. there's a stamp inside that's not very legible but i think says USA TK. 



11 months ago

here is the inside of the ring. I know it's sterling since it's stamped 925. Was wondering if anyone know what the USATK might be.


yeah, i already checked those ring makers out. they only make those team/graduation type rings.

Are you just wanting another ring like it or wanting to buy 50 of them or want to congratulate the person that made this specific ring? Your question doesn't seem to be exactly clear just by some of the answers people have given and your replies.

If you want another one made. you should be able to take it to a jeweller and get it carved in wax, cast, stones set and finished.

If you wanted 50. the jeweller would probably carve a wax, make a silicon mould and then cast 50 wax rings and then do the whole lost wax casting and finishing thing

If you want to know who made this ring, sorry but I wasn't able to find any ring stamps that match. Do you think it is a TK for sure? maybe you could colour it in with permanent marker or a paint pen and then wipe the inside of the ring which might make the stamping stand out more and be more readable?


11 months ago

Inside ring Pic needed..

please check sticky reply.

Don't know how ?

It looks like a nickle silver birthstone ring.

Nickle Silver is not silver, it is a non reactive alloy for people that have reactions to silver and gold.

Very hard to say from a photograph.

IF it has a hall mark it is most likely silver. - You can look hall marks up on line.

The large stone may be Topaz and assuming they are not real diamonds the 6 cut stones are probably Zircone.

The sheer size of the stones suggests cosmetic jewellery.

If you take it into a reasonable jeweller and ask they should be able to give you an opinion.

Um, "reasonable" or "reputable"? I think the deal with jewelers, is it would be good to find one who is both knowledgeable and honest. Finding that person like that by way of his or her reputation, would be one way to do this.

:-) 2 countries separated by different languages! Reasonable in my world would mean low cost (jewellers here often charge for valuations - unless you really charm them).

The word, "reasonable", means the same thing in my dialect, regarding things being bought and sold.

I just did not realize the act of examining a piece of jewelry was a service someone could charge money for.

I think, in my country, there is a service called "appraisal", specifically for jewelry and gemstones. I mean, I have heard the phrase, "get it appraised", and I would expect that would cost money because there is paperwork, specifically the production of some kind of document that declares or certifies what the artifact is, what it is made of, who made it, etc. I dunno. This is something I have never done. I don't wear a lot of bling.




However, I do not think this "appraisal" ritual is the same thing as just a cursory examination.

Or, what I mean is, I am expecting both rituals, or a continuum of rituals, are available at different prices, including prices as low as free.

Actually, asking the crowd here on the Answers forum, this is an example of one of the free methods of getting someone to examine a piece of jewelry, or other artifact.

By the way, I am very impressed by the quality of the pictures OP has upped, pictures clear enough to actually see the details being discussed. These are much better than many of the abominable, blurred, phone-camera pics upped to this forum in the past.

Also I stand by what I wrote previously about the possibility of this ring having magical powers. If it is magical, I think it's a keeper. Unless it is dark magic, in which case an elaborate quest or journey will be required,


for to safely dispose of this cursed artifact.

not really interested in the value of it (appraisal) as much as finding who made it.

i know it's silver. there's a 925 stamp. i just wanted to find the maker of these rings, if at all possible. no luck so far.

Does anything magical happen when you put the ring on your finger?

As an example of what I mean by "magical", I mean does the ring cause the wearer to become invisible, or does the ring enable the wearer to see things that normally would be invisible?

I think I saw a ring like that in a movie, although I am having trouble remembering the title. Although it might have had the word "ring" or "rings" in it.