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Can someone help me make a low cost shower oppurtunity? Answered

Can someone help me make a low cost shower oppurtunity?
Like the Zodi camping shower or Eccotemp? They seem real easy. Im just not that handy...Thanx!

Links to both:

Zodi: http://www.zodi.com/web-content/Consumer/zodihottaptravelshower.html

Eccotemp: http://www.productsthatsave.com/ptsl5.html


Ole bally

Best Answer 8 years ago

Out here in the African 'colonies'!! :) we take a 20 liter galvanised steel bucket, drill a 20mm hole in the bottom at center, take a 3/4" galv. nipple and using two flat nuts and some thread tape secure the nipple into the bottom of the bucket. take a 3/4 brass in line tap and with thread tape screw it onto the bottom of the nipple. Put yet anpother nipple underneath the tap and screw on a standard galv. steel shower rose and using some more thread tape screw it onto the bottom. A 3/4 bucket of hot water mixed with some cold will give you a good long hot shower. Heat water in a separate bucket or steel container over a fire! so yr materials are: 1 x steel galvanised bucket. 2 galvanised 3/4" nipples. 1 in line 3/4" tap (fawcett!!) 2 flat nuts ( one for either side of the bucket bottom.) Of course you could use silicon to seal with too. a steel shower rose. Use a length of rope to pull it up into yr tree - oh and build a shower curtain!! - and you have an african safari shower! Use the rubber floor mats from yr car to stand on! put the whole deal up on a slight incline to allow yr shower water to run off!

I'm going to be whipping one up for a campout this summer, that will use a tank, a turkey cooker, and a 5 gallon bucket. I'll keep you posted. Nag me occasionally. I'll try to remember to take pictures.


9 years ago

Thanx for the idea but unfortunately we don't have much sun here in Seattle. :( Anybody else? C'mon I've seen some geniouses on this site.

1. Double up two regular garbage bags or use just one heavy duty one. Choose a dark color. 2. Add a few gallons of water. (Say roughly 1/3 the capacity marked on the box) 3. Tie off the bags. 4. Leave in the sun for 6-8 hours. 5. Hang from a tree, just above your head. How to use: 6. Poke a small hole or two near the corner of the bag with a twig or whatever you have. 7. Get wet. 8. Tie off the corner with the hole. 9. Lather up and scrub. 10. Poke a couple new holes. 11. Rinse off.