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Can someone help me name my new swords? Answered

I have two new swords, they look very similar, one is a ninjato or shinobigatana and the other is a tanto, I need some names for them, I already have the name Shinihime (death-princess) for another sword, so I was thinking the japanese words for one and two or long and short. Can anyone help me here?


The larger sword can be called >> dragon slayer:
Chinese Pinyin: tu long shou

and the smaller one can be called Fire (Chinese: pinyin: huǒ)
Earth (Chinese pinyin: tǔ)
Metal (Chinese pinyin: jīn)
Water (Chinese pinyin: shuǐ)
Wood (Chinese pinyin: mù)

i would choose fire xD


the picture is for dragon slayer

just to tell you, due to handle problems, the larger one has half the handle size