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Can someone help me, please? I want to make a 'logo' for home-made produce.? Answered

Hi, thanks for looking in.

Pretty much, I have never liked graphics packages, they are too complex for me.

I make a variety of produce for a disability co-operative (free, not a penny is charged)
The aim is to grow veg and fruit, process it and give it away, living on state benefits is
tough in the UK. As I am disabled too, I feel more strongly for this cause.

You will appreciate, half of the appreciation of food is the presentation, and that includes the 
packaging. So I would like a logo, please, but I'm rubbish with graphics.

Ideally I would like something like the shield from the Warner Bros logo with Tweetie Pie's
Grandma character 'popping' out of it. I would like permanent writing on it that says "Granny Vera's"
(my wife is Vera - and she is a Granny at just 40!) with a space underneath Granny Vera's to allow me to type in the produce.

If you can help me I would be immensely grateful, and I am very easy to please.

I can also draw a sketch of what I envisage to help you further so time is not wasted.

Many thanks



I commend your generosity in helping others. Having a handicapped child my self I know how important people like you are to the world. If the other posters ideas don't work out let me know and I will take a stab at it. I am more of a fine artist, but I also do editorial and political cartooning. It costs nothing to try...

If I can find some time, I'll try to make you a rough logo and see what you think.  I have a basic idea in my head.  I'll try and make a sketch and see what you think.

This could be a good logo to include in my graphic design portfolio.

Instead of using the (copyrighted) images and logos, I'll try and make something similar for you.  I don't want either one of us getting sued!

Thank you everybody for your very kind attention and offers of help.

I, too, spent hours - literally - searching for Granny. I may have to use a different Granny type picture, but you get my drift - the last thing I want to do is to be impossible.

I will post here again when I have got some graphics etc and a sketch of what I'm hoping for. Would you mind if I do this tomorrow, please, it's been a long day.

Thank you again everybody - enormously.

Kind regards

the hardest thing to do is find a picture of the Looney Tunes Granny, in high quality

Agreed. I found several images of granny, but I wasn't able to find anything that would be suitable for making the intended logo.

Thing is, I'm almost sure that there was one Looney Tunes episode in which granny pokes her head out at the end and mimics Elmer Fudd (or the pig) and says "Uminuh, Uminuh, Umniuh...that's all folks!"

If someone could find/identify that cartoon, the solution would be in hand with a  quick snapshot and an edit to add the required text..

I really only do cartoony freehand stuff but if you want to post your quick sketch I think many would be willing to offer critique or  comment and then have a graphic artist bring it to life.  Good luck.

Write to local schools and colleges to see if they could make this a class project. Perhaps offer your brief as a starting point, and see what they come up with.

I'm a wiz at Adobe Illustrator, and I would love to help you.