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Can someone help me please? What LED and Resistors to use for 12v tail & brake lights? Answered

Running Volts Between 13.5 - 14.5 V. What led's 5mm or 10mm Super bright. White led's give a yellow glow through the red lens, the red led's look fine. How many led's for park, tail and flasher lights? Need for driver?
Suggestion's please
Thank you


Want to replace caravan tail light's, always problems with the bulb;s contact points (white rust)

You can buy LED lightbulbs for your car for cheap on ebay, maybe not for the headlights though. You can also buy entire light units for the headlights and taillights.

Don't make your own, you are likely to end up with illegal lights. The total optical power, directionality and colour are very tightly controlled by standards.


How may LEDs you need and if a driver is needed depends on what LEDs you get.

Why do you want to convert to LED lighting on your vehicle?