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Can someone help me with my fatal flaw in my spudgun design? Answered

So i have built spudguns in the past and with every new gun i make it gets bigger and better. So i just found pressure rated 3" pvc and im going to use it for a new air chamber. Its a simple end around gun with a piloted sprinkler valve so yea the design is good. Except for one thing. I am enthusiastic enough of a spudgunner to use an air compressor to power it when im at home. but when im at a park or some open feild i bring along a bike pump to pump it up. But with each size up for the air chamber it takes longer and longer and longer to pump. Im not enthusiastic enough to buy a compressed air tank for $60. so what should i do to power it up. i dont have enough room at my house for a distance or height shot and it will take forever to use a bike pump so what should i do. PLESE HELP ME  i will try to post pics of it soon  HELP ME


Find an old junk paintball gun and use the guts to convert it to CO2. A 12oz CO2 tank packs about 8hundred seventy something PSI, so if you replace the chamber with CO2 and run the pressure hose up to a pnumatic switch then to the barrel you could pack a nice punch to your gun.


7 years ago

You could use a 12V tire inflator ($10-$20) and a car battery.

yea i saw those, they are pretty compact and go anywhere from 150-300 psi. For so small they can really had pressure, but the size of them is the problem. How fast could they pressurize 2' of 2" pvc to around 60 psi. i want it to be fast so they are questionable but might work

Hmmm, considering how long they take to inflate a car tire to just 30psi, I'd say it could take a while. 10 minutes? Maybe 15? At least, that's with the one I have (lousy, but works).

i might as well use a bike pump. that takes around 1-2 minutes but it wears you out fast. so i need a fast but easy way without usng an air compressor or air tank. hmmmmm