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Can someone help me with my game? Answered

I have part of the script written but I do need help with some of the stuff:

Msg me if you wanna help :)


You wont get many responses with this because we dont know what the gaming platform or language is. for instance look at this game http://jpoopdog.com/swf/boxcraft.swf , as far as flash games go, its pretty awsome, and its not even finished yet, thats my flash game skill, however, if you were to look at my DS homebrew games, many of them are terrible and full of glitches.

Not all game designers are masters of all languages.

Now, what program are you making your game with, and what language (coding language) are you using. if its with gamemaker, go to the game maker forum, if its flash, ask me, dont bother going to their forums, in the end youll wind up having your question turned down, and youll be forced to scour the internet for something similar to work with. if its unity, theres a big book on it, freely available, if its blender, good luck starting out with that :p and finally, if its with visual basic, get the XNA gaming engine before you even think of furthering your project.

as far as art goes, dont even bother until your game is finished, otherwise, poke around some art forums and gaming forums, or deviantart, i know the types of people who post on there, they live to draw. for voices, go to voice acting allience, for music, it depends on what you want, you may have to get an MIDI virtual keyboard and make your own simple arcade style stuff, then multilayer it with fancier tunes to get pokemon quality music, for sound effects, go to royalty free sounds, or partnersinrhyme, get their advert link and spam it in a bunch of appropriate places, or ask someone to put it on their website footer, theyll give you in exchange, a full DVD to download free, of theyr premium range of sound effects, usually costing about 20-50 bucks. but for simple gun noises, jumping thuds and groans and that sort of thing, get and decompile a free game, i found allot of useful sound effects from this free 2d tank war game a bit like worms. most games dont have their sounds compressed or encrypted or built into the game, so they are easy picking, if you have the movies game, then dont even bother looking, that game will have every single sound you could possibly imagine, from footsteps to tractor beam noises.

Since youve listed that your engine is not functional, that tells me you need more experience in whatever it is you are doing. If you need some absolutely perfect flash as3 collision code, ill give you mine, along with the entire script for my game. its generic logic if ect code which you could literally copy and paste into another language and it would probably work the same.

Rickharris is right, post this in the community forum to get more responses. Also try searching for a forum dedicated to game design, everyone there will be interested in game design.

as this isn't a question as such you will get a better response from the forum.