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Can someone help me with schematics please? Answered

Can someone please tell me about the capacitors i should be using in this schematic?  Like i know i need a 0.01uf but what type of capacitor? and (V)? also what is a 6pF?  
Last question is about the #16 wire.. Im guessing this is just a inductor i can make by wrapping it around a pen 6 times? but do i use magnet wire or any old regular copper wire? thankyou.


Thank you all for your help! I just have one last problem.. i have tracked down the wire and a pen exactly 9mm but the wire is really thick a hard to twist around it, any ideas to make this easier?

if you have the basic tool's (Plier's , bench vice , Mallet's) then it should not be a tough job to do,just place the wire & the pen on the vice & with the help of mallet or plier's start bending the wire on the pen, continue till you got the desired no of turn's

should be ceramic capacitor marked with103


5 years ago

There's also a variable capacitor on that schematic, but it's not spec'ed. It's the cap with the arrow through it (upper right, beside the coil).

Variable caps are usually in the pF range. Trim caps are small values 5-100pF, large ganged variable caps could be up to 1000pF, with ranges of 500pF or more...

1- 0.01uf capacitor is a disk/ceramic capacitor
2- 6pf (picofared) capacitor.
3- the 10uf capacitor is a electrolytic capacitor
4-the #16 wire mean's 16 gauge wire,magnet wire should be the preference , wrapping it around a pen..........as long as it's diameter is 9mm (0.9cm)

Attaching a small image for a referance